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5/2012 Started Water Server Business
12/2011 Started LED Business
9/2011 Started AED Business
Distributive trade and rental service permission acquisition, such as advanced managed-medical-care apparatus
10/2010 Established OADEPOT Corporation.
7/2010 Opened Kawagoe Office in Saitama prefecture because of business expansion
3/2010 Started laundry service and helped the franchise White Kyubin.
9/2009 Capital funds increased to 30 million yen (288 Thousand USD).
11/2008 Participated Atom franchise and started selling consumer electronics.
Atom Kawagoe store in Kawagoe city opened.
11/2007 Branch office in Kawagoe opened.
10/2007 OADEPOT Kawagoe opened.
8/2006 Move Tokyo branch to Shinjuku-ku and Shinjuku branch opened
4/2006 Saitama branch opened in Minuma-ku, Saitama prefecture.
9/2005 Started selling softwares of OBIC business consultant co.,ltd.
12/2002 Selling second hand permit
1/2002 Made company brand which are ‘E-system, ESS and E-rental’
10/2000 Tokyo branch opened in Nerima-ku, Tokyo prefecture.
6/2000 Established Tsurugashima Head-Office because of business expansion.
5/2000 Increased capital fund 21 million yen (Around 200 Thousand USD).
4/2000 Increased capital fund 10 million yen (Around 96 Thousand USD).
10/1998 Established Eco-station Corporation with 3 million yen (Around 28 Thousand USD) capital fund. Started selling and maintenance service for office automation equipment.